The economic issue that NO ONE is talking about…

America cannot win in a “free trade” world economy.

I attended the presidential debate last night and walked away very disappointed… here’s why…

  • No U.S. worker can compete against 25 cent an hour slave wages.
  • U.S. corporations are happy to “sell out” U.S. workers for a few pennies a share in earnings.
  • U.S. corporations are the richest source of political campaign contributions.(they are the 4th branch of the U.S government).
  • Large companies have not created any new jobs in the U.S. in the last 10 years. (they have created millions of jobs overseas)
  • Real income for U.S. men have not increased in the last 35 years. (the time period that lesser developed countries started exporting).
  • What did our founding fathers believe regarding trade and tariffs?
  • In 1792, trade tariffs financed 95% of the U.S. budget and the average trade tariff was 15.1%
  • In 2010, trade tariffs only finance 1.2% of the U.S. budget and the average trade tariff is approx. 1.3%
  • Even the greatest American companies like Apple employ just 50,000 workers in the United States yet employ over 1 million in manufacturing plants in Asia.
  • We cannot educate or innovate our way out of job losses. If there are no trade tariffs our wages will have to decline closer to lesser developed countries.

Who’s side is the U.S. political leadership on?

Where am I wrong? Let the real debate begin….

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