Is the Internet a TRAITOR in your life?

The internet has long been touted the savior for business, relationships and education and has been heralded as the digital ambassador of World peace. It’s been given more credit for happiness than chocolate or the gum drop. But can you see the “dark side” of the internet? The “dark side” has nothing to do with cyber predators, identity theft or Big Brother.

What the internet is Good at …and Bad at

Internet Good… The internet is the ultimate library of information which can be utilized by nearly everyone for little or no money.

Internet Bad… If you are a supplier of expertise (who isn’t?) the “free” Internet is now your greatest competitor. Nearly everyone is turning into an inept do-it-yourselfer.

Internet Good… The internet gives you more choices than ever before.

Internet Bad… The internet gives you too many choices. Have you ever been so obsessed with getting the best deal on a great product that you eventually fail to acquire it due to shopping exhaustion or an internet distraction. This happens to your prospective internet clients too.

Internet Good… it can be a learning tool.

Internet Bad… it gives you small bits of information and not a comprehensive course of study. Often times, it gives you enough information to be dangerous… i.e. false confidence and an addiction to being cheap.

Internet Good… you can meet a lot of people on the internet.

Internet Bad… Because you can meet a lot of people… everyone you meet is disposable.

Internet is Good… it’s free.

Internet is Bad… Unproductive internet use can steal from you your greatest treasure, your time. Do you expense your internet time at the same pay scale as your business wage?

Internet is Good… I can compete better in business by learning stuff on the internet.

Internet is Bad… Learning “stuff” is a waste of time. Doing stuff is what life is all about.

How to use the internet more wisely? Work with someone – who gets it (pay them) to help you take productive ACTION. Say NO to “wheel spinning”. GOAL: Effectively manage your internet life.

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