Does America need a Crash to save itself?

The one sickening season that never changes in America is the political season. Repub’s blame “entitlements” i.e., the lazy poor. The Dem’s blame the greedy rich. I can agree and disagree with both sides in small measure.  But neither is entirely correct.

A remedy based upon a flawed diagnosis can never heal a seriously ill patient, or a country.  To cure America we need to know what’s really wrong.

The problem is that drilling down into the specifics where the real cancer is metastasizing, is the last thing on either party’s mind or agenda. It’s way too bloody and complex. There are real trade-offs that are hard to stomach.

Preaching the benefits of short term pain to achieve long term health isn’t something that political salesman like to sell. The chemo therapy sounds way too scary for our “leadership”.

That‘s why I am hoping for a crash

Crashes as we all know from personal experience, shock us into asking important question we don’t like to deal with during our normal lives (of quiet desperation and shallow goals).

Questions like: If I lose my job, run out of money, get foreclosed upon. What will I do next? Is there anyone or anything out there that cares enough to help? Is it simply every man volume pills ejaculate for themselves?

An even tougher question is: If someone I cared about lost their job, house and earning power would I help them?

For me whether America survives, heals and recovers to even greater glory depends on the answer. Today, much of America faces scenario one or scenario two. It’s time to man up, be courageous (listen to the whisper) take our medicine and find our compassion.

But if we never have the crash we may never see and mettle and greatness of the United States of America.

I say stop the addiction, pull the plug on the bubble, let it all crash. I believe we can take it. Let the recession / “refreshion” begin  and let the stock market fall to 4,000.

Let’s purge it all… stop the outsourcing of America, bulldoze a few shopping malls (consumerism), double bunk with the in-laws, hug more, laugh more, cry and pray together…like the good ole’ days.

That’s what I am praying for. I believe in resurrections can be beautiful things…do you have that kind of faith in America?

Today, is our country’s George Bailey moment on the bridge. We need a leap of faith to find the bedrock of our culture and humanity.

Do we want Pottersville or Bedford Falls?  The future is ours to choose.

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