10 radical ideas to jump start small business in America

Over the last 20 years large corporations have received an unfair allocation of  economic policy benefits yet have not created any net new jobs for U.S. workers.

Conversely small businesses owners have created virtually all of the U.S. employment and domestic wealth growth. Thus, small buinesses should receive a greater allocation of economic policy benefits.

1. Completely open the border with Mexico. But the immigration track for U.S. citizenship will take 3 to 5 years of “indentured servitude”. Mexican immigrants will be requried to enroll in  citizenship programs which will include business mentoring and educational programs. The minimum wage rate will be suspended for Mexican immigrants. A portion of their waged will pay for their education and deportment if they fall out of program. The allocation of immigrant workers will favor small business owners who employ less than 20 employees. No allocation will be given to large companies who employ more than 200 employees. There cannot be concentrations of immigrant workers in industries such as; farming, lawn care or housekeeping.

2. Exempt Canada, Mexico and South America from tariffs as a most favored trading partner. Create a joint security pack with Mexico and South America to eliminate the illegal drug cartels. Promote prosperity and peace with our border neighbors.

3. Create a 300% surcharge for all foreign students who attend a U.S. University. The U.S. University system is a product and assets of American society. Foreign sheiks who wish to educate their children at our top universities will have to also pay the tuition for two U.S. scholarship students.

4. Mandate that all accredited Universities must provide all of their classes online. The price for an online class must be 1/3rd the cost of an “on campus” class. We can start with all the Ivy League Schools. There cannot be a limit on the number of people who can attend Harvard, Yale or Princeton online. There cannot be any difference in an online degree vs. a campus degree. A great education should not be scarce commodity of the prividleged class.

5. Suspend all need to file income tax and pay social security taxes for all small businesses that gross less than $150,000 in revenues. Create a gentle bureaucratic pathway for those businesses that emerge above $150,000.

6. Mandate that poor credit histories of U.S. citizens be wiped clean after 6 years (reduced from 10 years). We need our economy to re-boot sooner not later.

7. Create a progressive surcharge or tax for businesses that hire foreign manufacturing workers. Impose a 40% tariff on the outsourcing of U.S. services.

8. Impose tariffs on foreign made goods. Tariff amount is based upon the average wage rate in that country. Low wage countries have high tariffs; high wage countries have low tariffs.

9. Require banks that provide business loans to sponsor educational and mentoring programs for small businesses owners. The policy goal is to transform local bank branches into small business consulting and development centers. Banks can charge consulting fees but cannot sell (non loan) products to a consulting client.

10. Create a regional micro finance small business equity funding program. Develop a pathway in which a qualifying small local business can issue stock and allow citizens to invest in a diversified portfolio of local small businesses. Create a stock market for small business.

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