For whom do our troops fight and die for?

It’s a simple and admittedly provocative question.

It’s also one of the biggest questions in America that no one has asked seriously. Nor has it been thoughtfully answered by any political candidate.  Just asking the question will seem anti-American to many. But with thousands lives on the line every day and a fortune in treasure invested isn’t it anti-American not to ask?

The canned answer that you will get from nearly all politicians and Americans is that our soldiers fight and die for three things;

1. To protect Americans from harm i.e., you and me

2. To preserve our “FREEDOM”

3. To preserve  “Our way of life”

But for anyone who looks beyond the superficial the real evidence is that the prevailing opinion is either; a flag hugging patriotic myth (at best) or a mass propaganda lie (at worst).

Let’s look at the evidence and you can decide for yourself.

The big picture of the US military force Worldwide

If the US military were to be a business franchise it would be the most powerful business in the history of the World. To say the military is global in reach, is an understatement, it’s certifiably inter-galactic.

Today, there are over 1,000 U.S. military bases around the World. But it’s much deeper than just having bases, naval fleets and troops and spending tax dollars globally. We have political commitments (treaties) that could cost thousands of U.S. soldiers lives overnight.

A great example is North Korea. For 62 years and counting we have defended South Korea from the North. Today we have approx. 28,500 troops in South Korea (excluding naval vessels).   Every year we spend billions of dollars on South Korea. No one really knows or cares about the specific amount; it’s nearly a blank check.

But those billions are chicken feed. When you look at the cumulative costs of endless hot and cold wars, we are talking trillions of dollars in treasure. Budget conscience American’s are ready to pull the plug on welfare support, Social Security and Medicare for impoverished American’s. But military welfare for South Korea is a “no touch” eternal black hole of US tax dollars.

Protecting South Korea (for free) is seemingly a greater vital “interest” to the United States than preventing the US elderly from eating cat food or from veteran benefits being cut. But who decided that? And to whom is South Korea so vital to?

FACT: Since you and I live a half a world away from the Korean peninsula they aren’t protecting our interests.

South Korea is just one example. The US military operates in 38 countries Worldwide (that we know of). The US military, DOD and State Departments; build schools, teach “leadership” to governments, attempt to retrain 12th century tribal civilizations into the virtues of democracy and economics.

It doesn’t matter that these cultures don’t really want democracy or capitalism. It’s not their call… it’s ours. The US military and their foreign policy affiliates are economic “community organizers” on a global scale. But why?

It’s not any of the real “We the people” whose interests are being protected.

The real reason we have the largest and most powerful and most expensive global military force the world has ever known is that the mafia dons that pull the strings worldwide, need it that way.

Whom do most troops die for and for who do all US presidents bow down in worship to?

ANSWER: It’s the almighty US Global Corporation.

Large US Corporations really don’t care about the safety of South Korea citizens. They need safe shipping lanes from China. That’s the real vital national interest. So when US born Corporations (turn their backs on Americans) and relocate US manufacturing jobs to communist China their “investment” is safe.

Who needs reasonably priced Middle East oil to fill their gas tanks? The outsourcing super tanker fleet of corporate America, that’s who.  Creating global military dominance and economic stability is all about trade and teaching the World’s peasant class how to be a “good little consumers” for McDonalds, Walmart and Coca Cola.

The Worldwide marketing message is clear to the World. “If you weren’t such idiot peons you would realize that your need to “Keep up with the Kardasians” i.e. American consumers.

After brain washing US citizens in consumerism and burying them in debt, like an alien predator, US corporations need to move on to more fertile ground. That’s where a lot of our tax dollars are being invested in and what our young and brave America blood is being shed for.

This is not a hatchet job on American business.  I believe in American business (business and labor conducted in America). The problem is that large corporations are the problem and small business is the solution.

The staggering fact is that 78% of the businesses in America have one employee, themselves.  When they look to hire employee #2, they don’t look overseas they look next door and hire one of US.

The small solo entrepreneur is the most abused and neglected resource America.  They pay their taxes and thus subsidize their competitor the Global Corporate welfare state.   When they buy a share of stock for their IRA they finance the large corporation that is trying to annihilate them.

Even worse they send their children fight and die for Global Corporations, who in return, sell out America for a few pennies a share in earnings.


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