What America really needs: Clean house on the Ark

You see it in all the doomsday movies; top political, social and business leaders are whisked away to safe location before a meteor, atomic bomb or killer tomato hits the earth and kills the unwashed masses, i.e. us the common man.

I think it’s time to pull the current “A lists” admission tickets. Because if they are around after the disaster I’m sure they will make things much, much worse after the big one hits.

Here is the list of “A” characters that can be left off the Ark when the next flood hits:

• Republicans that think that things will be better if they win the next election
• Democrats that think that things will be better if they win re-election
• Bankers (we will self finance next time around)
• TV commentators
• Economists
• Investment analysts
• Advertising agencies that produce mind numbing and deceptive ads
• Cold callers
• Anyone who discusses their product in small print
• Lobbyists
• Anyone who works with financial derivatives
• Bill collectors (we are rebooting debt free)
• Diet and weight loss or exercise producteers with semenax (we will have plenty of work to do)
• Spammers who write you an offer in a foreign language
• People that think we need to save the World
• People that think God wants to punish the World
• Anyone who watches Jersey Shores or the Bad Girls Club
• Anyone in the male enhancement industry
• People that get sea sick easily

Now that we cleared out the dead wood here’s who can get on the Love Boat:

• Kids
• Fisherman
• Farmers
• Nurses
• Veterans
• Pediatricians
• Pets
• Veterinarians (I never met one that wasn’t nice)
• Story tellers
• Comedians
• Chefs
• Sanitation professionals
• Pest control technicians
• All the survivalist guys on TV
• Teachers
• Small business owners
• Baseball players
• Singers and song writers
• Social workers
• Paramedics
• Hospice and Red Cross workers
• Reformed criminals (we need to teach future generations forgiveness)

Who do you vote off the Island… and do you want to start a new civilization with?

By the way, why do we need a calamity to lessen the former “A” list authority and to clean house?

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